Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tyler found the most wonderful girl at a dance in Green River. He had shown up at the dance with his usual herd of boys following him. At the dance he saw the most beautiful girl and knew that he would marry her. He started asking her to dance and as the night progressed, somehow, Tyler had another boy come from Evanston to pick up the boys that were with him so he could take his Vision of Loveliness home by himself. This was a huge step for him. He actually began to date instead of hang out. He came home that night and didn't stop smiling and giggling for two days. We knew she was special. He kept saying over and over how beautiful she was. He just couldn't get over that.
It progressed into a full blown summer of fun and frenzy. Finally at Christmas they became engaged. He and Brady plotted and planned how to propose. They secured the rings and put the plan into effect. They conned the two girls into to coming to the ranch to work cows on a cold winter day. It ended up being one cow that needed to be put in the corral. Then they took off the saddles and went up the road to "check gates". Well the gates that they were "checking" were gates that were buried in snow and had been closed for months. It was very cold 10 or 12 below zero. Brady had the plan of giving Alayna M&M's that had "will you marry me" written on them but she just kept eating them. Tyler had 7 or 8 different types of rings that he kept handing to Candice.

They where entered in a Wedding Contest Giveaway. They lost but we know they were the best cutest couple.

Kandice and Tyler